Before Photo Gallery

This unique building was commissioned by Bartonville State Bank and built circa 1907. Many years later it was bought by a cake maker which occupied the building for approximately 45 years. In May of 2021, BKL Capital LTD purchased the edifice and completely remodeled the interior, refurbished the exterior and converted it into it’s current majestic state as a Extended Stay and Special Event Building. During the remodel a gigantic cake baking oven which could bake up to 25 cakes at once had to be removed. Two attempts were made to remove the oven for reuse. Unfortunately, no one was found who could properly remove the oven. The building still has it’s original bank vault and vault door. The exterior stone and it ornamental detail on the face of the building is all original and in excellent condition.

Here are a few pictures of the building prior to the reincarnation.